Invitation for Bids for Training Centre Tsirang  *** (latest)

  • Posted On:2016-07-26

Invitation for Bids

Scholarship & Vacancy Announcement  ***

  • Posted On:2016-07-20


Amendment Notification  ***

  • Posted On:2016-07-13


Tender Notification

  • Posted On:2016-07-06

Invitation for BIds

Tender for 2016-2017

  • Posted On:2016-06-24

Notice Inviting Tender

Notice Inviting Tender

  • Posted On:2016-06-17

The Royal Audit Authority invites bids for the construction of works detailed in the table. The bidders may submit bids for any or all of the following works, for the package or for any of the slices.

Download Tender Documents: Click Here for a copy

Quotation for Air Ticket

  • Posted On:2016-06-08

Geneva Air Ticket Quotation