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Our Web Page will serve as a forum where Government, Public of Bhutan and Supreme Audit Institutions of the World contribute to sharing information and experiences.

The Royal Government of Bhutan has recognized that efficiency, transparency and accountability are the pillars of good governance. Recognizing the supreme importance of fostering these values, His Majesty the King reiterated the Royal Audit Authority as an independent body, de-linked from the bureaucracy as one of the several measures of devolution of authority and power to ensure governance that is efficient, transparent and fair.

Transparency and accountability necessitate that the measure of productivity and a process of devolution be developed. Therefore, monitoring, auditing and reporting as well as the process of dissemination of  the information to the public are being intensified. All these denote the seriousness of the Royal Government to translate ideas into actions and to create systems that are compact, efficient, accountable and transparent.

This sense of openness emanates from the very strong moral authority of our King, the fourth Druk Gyalpo, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck. The exemplary leadership of our King is the yardstick for us to measure our progress. It is the collective virtue of every individual and principle-centered leadership that can build a trustworthy system. An incorruptible system is the foundation stone upon which the nation can truly achieve the visions of our beloved Monarch.

It is important to understand that audit is not an end in itself but an essential part of a governance system. The primary aim is to make known deviations from accepted standards and contravention of the principles of legality, efficiency, effectiveness and economy of financial management. This will be made early enough to make it possible to take corrective action to make those accountable accept responsibility, or to take steps to check or at least make it more difficult for such breaches.

Towards these the auditors shall continue to function as the conscience of the society. The auditors must discharge its roles and responsibilities without fear, favor or bias and with integrity.

We hope the information provided will help in creating a world that is livable for today and tomorrow.

In order to live up to this aspiration, we shall appreciate your valued suggestion.

Tashi Delek  

Ugen Chewang, 
Auditor General of Bhutan