Auditor General of the Republic of Maldives visits Royal Audit Authority

Auditor General of the Republic of Maldives visits Royal Audit Authority


A three member delegation of Auditor General of the Republic of Maldives, His Excellency Niyas Ibrahim visited the Royal Audit Authority yesterday. The delegation had attended the two day seminar on Performance Auditing: Challenges and Opportunities hosted by Royal Audit Authority under the funding of World Bank which concluded on June 6, 2012.

The Hon’ble Auditor General, Dasho Ugen Chewang welcomed the delegation and briefly shared on some of the initiatives of RAA in gearing towards professional development of the institution in its pursuit of enhancing transparency and accountability in the country. He said that RAA has strong mandates enshrined in both the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan and the Audit Act of Bhutan 2006 to carry out the roles of an Supreme Audit Institution. He said that the SAI Bhutan is fully committed to collaborating with other SAIs for exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Karma Tenzin, Assistant Auditor General, Corporation & Financial Institution Division (CFID) made a presentation on the accountability framework within which the RAA plays a critical role in providing assurance services to the legislature and the public at large through its work of auditing and reporting. It was followed by sharing of experiences and discussions on various audit issues and practices prevailing in the two countries.

The Hon’ble Auditor General of the Republic of Maldives expressed his appreciation for the critical roles played by the RAA in promoting accountability and transparency in the use of public resources and complimented the RAA for having attained growth of the institution thus far. On the collaboration aspects, he said that he strongly supports the idea of SAIs working together and learning from each other and said that he looks forward to having continued associations in future.

The meeting was attended by Sr. Deputy Auditor General, Division Chiefs and the senior officers of the Royal Audit Authority.