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RAA hosted 3rd Constitutional Office meeting on 3rd March 2017


The 3rd meeting of the Constitutional Post holders was held on 3rd March 2017 in the Conference Hall of the Royal Audit Authority, Kawangjangsa.

Amongst others, the meeting deliberated on issues of common interest like the annual Performance Target Evaluation of the Constitutional Offices and on the admissibility of Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL) and its resultant impact on the human resources.

During the meeting, the Hon’ble Chairperson of the RCSC also shared updates on Five Key Reforms areas that are being pursued by the Commission in the civil service.

RAA Officials attend International Integrity Seminar in Hungary


A two-member team of the RAA led by Dilliram Das, Assistant Auditor General and accompanied by Chencho Tshering, Deputy Chief Auditor, attended the 4th International Good Practices Seminar on "Integrity Survey of the State Audit Office of Hungary and its Utilization in the Work of the Management" in Szarvas, Hungary held from 27th February to 3rd March 2017. The Seminar is a part of the State Audit Office (SAO) of Hungary’s framework for its international role and was aimed to provide professional assistance to members of the INTOSAI community.

During the Seminar the participants learned on the "Hungarian model" of fight against corruption, the integrity survey methodology of the SAO, Hungary through theoretical and practical training. Participants were also introduced on the initiatives taken by the State Audit Office of Hungary to disseminate the ethical values and integrity culture to the audited organisations with an ultimate objective of preventing the corruption in public organisations. Deliberations, dissemination of information and sharing of professional knowledge and good practices on several topics including, communication strategy, ethical leadership and operation of soft controls based on auditors and audited perspectives, whistle blowers, amongst many others were discussed.

The first International Integrity Seminar of the State Audit Office SAO, Hungary was held in 2014 with the aim of disseminating integrity approach among SAIs of developing countries or countries under democratic transition. The seminar which is 4th in series was attended by 47 participants from 25 countries.

Auditor General & the delegation visited Siliguri Branch of Eastern India Regional Council of ICAI


The Hon’ble Auditor General and his delegation visited the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Siliguri Branch on the invitation of the new Chairman, Eastern India Regional Council (EIRC); Institute of the Chartered Accountants of India for marking the ‘Handing/Taking and Felicitation Ceremony’ of the institute.

The delegation led by the Hon’ble Auditor General attended the function on 26th February. The event provided yet another platform for further strengthening the professional ties between the ICAI and the Royal Audit Authority. The Hon’ble Auditor General in his address to the gathering informed that engaging statutory auditors from Siliguri could potentially benefit both the chartered firms and the Bhutanese companies in terms of cost and time saving besides speeding up the audit process.

Hon’ble Auditor General being the current Chairman of the Accounting and Auditing Standards Board of Bhutan (AASBB) also took the opportunity to advocate and disseminate awareness on the adoption of Bhutanese Accounting Standards (BAS) and the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) as the authoritative accounting and auditing standards of Bhutan respectively. This was particularly aimed at those chartered firms who are not on our panel of auditors but are keen on getting empanelled.

The Hon’ble Auditor General also urged the 200 plus chartered firms from and within Siliguri to take opportunity in getting empanelled with the Royal Audit Authority. It was informed that the empanelment exercise would happen by end of this year for the empanelment period 2015-2018. This would particularly provide choices to the incorporated companies in appointing competent and proficient statutory auditors (for non-DHI portfolio companies and private companies). For government owned and controlled companies (DHI portfolio companies), the Royal Audit Authority appoints the auditors in accordance with Section 255 of the Companies Act of Bhutan 2016.

RAA administered Oath of Good Conduct, Ethics and Secrecy for new family members


The Oath of Good Conduct, Ethics and Secrecy of Auditors were administered on 6th February 2017 for the new auditors who have joined the Royal Audit Authority in the year 2016 and 2017. A total 22 new recruits pledged and subscribed to the 16 Principles essential for good conduct, ethics and secrecy to be an ideal auditor in carrying out the duties and responsibilities as an auditor of the Royal Government of Bhutan.

The Venerable Guenzhug Neten of the Zhung Dratshang administered the Oath in presence of the Hon’ble Auditor General of Bhutan.

Workshop on planning ISSAIs based pilot audits underway in Thimphu


A total of 32 auditors are attending six days workshop on planning ISSAIs based pilot audits on three audit disciplines of Financial, Performance and Compliance at Namgay Heritage Hotel, Thimphu. The workshop is being facilitated by three Subject Matter experts from the INTOSAI Development Initiatives (IDI), Norway.

In preparation for the said workshop, the RAA had carried out revisions of audit methodologies in the month of November 2016 and the pilot audits will be based on the revised methodologies. The ISSAIs based pilot audits are slated to conduct in six different agencies and expect to set the benchmark for future audits.

The workshop is being funded by the World Bank and will end on 8th February 2017.