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RAA Publishes APEMS & List of Agencies 2014-15


In an effort to improve the techniques for measuring performance of auditors and to enhance the overall auditing system, the RAA has brought out two booklets ‘Audit Performance Evaluation Management System’ (APEMS) and the ‘List of Agencies under RAA’s jurisdiction for 2014-15’. The publications were finalized after considering comments and feedbacks received during the Mid-Term Review Meeting 2013-14 held in March 2014 at the Office of the Assistant Auditor General, Tsirang and a subsequent consultative meeting held in the headquarters in April with the Assistant Auditors General.

Cooperation Agreement signed between the Royal Audit Authority and the INTOSAI


A  Cooperation Agreement between the Royal Audit Authority and the INTOSAI (International Organization of Supreme Audit Institution) Development Initiative (IDI) was signed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 21 May 2014. The agreement is focused on the IDI Global Programmme on Specialized Audits-Public Debt Audit of Lending and Borrowing Frameworks. The Programme aims to support Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) in strengthening professional and organizational capacity in conducting in-depth and effective audit of lending and borrowing frameworks, which is expected to facilitate in influencing use of universally accepted sound practices such as the UNCTAD Principles in sovereign lending and borrowing functions.

ARMS User training begins at the Office of Assistant Auditor General, Tsirang


A week long in-house training on Audit Resource Management Systems (ARMS) Users began today at the Office of the Assistant Auditor General, Tsirang. Declaring the training session open, the Assistant Auditor General, Tsirang express his heartfelt gratitude to the RAA headquarter for identifying Tsirang as first office from among four regional offices and thanked the resource persons for taking the trouble to come all the way from Thimphu to deliver the training course. The AAG also reminded the participants especially the field auditors to take active participation in the session, taking due advantage of visiting experts from the ARMS Project.

Performance Assessment of RAA under SAI-Performance Measurement Framework


A four member delegates from INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) Secretariat and the Office of the Auditor General of Norway are currently assessing the performance of the Royal Audit Authority w.e.f. 20th May, 2014. The scope of the assessment is guided by the SAI PMF methodology. It includes RAA’s financial, compliance and performance audit, organizational structures and procedures as well as the current legal and institutional framework.

RAA releases Annual Audit Report 2013


The Royal Audit Authority released its Annual Audit Report 2013. The report was prepared and submitted to His Majesty the King, the Prime Minister and the Speaker as required under the Article 25.5 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan and Section 72 of the Audit Act of Bhutan 2006.